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People describe me as kind, warm, compassionate, and a shtark learner. My family and I became religious together when I was 11 years old, and I now consider myself Toradig with an appreciation of the yeshivish world. I daven with a minyan and make time to learn every day. My learning consists of daf yomi, halacha, Tanach, as well as some spiritual, kabbalistic topics. I am creative and artistic and feel that my animation career taps into these talents. Some of my hobbies include playing the guitar, listening to music, reading, making Jewish childrens comics, and spending time in nature. I enjoy helping others and one of my strengths is the ability to support and empathize with people in whatever situation they are going through. Together with my wife, I look forward to building a warm, loving, and happy home centered on Torah and chesed.


I consider myself a down to earth person, who loves to travel. People would describe me as friendly, loyal and someone you can count on. I enjoy traveling and visiting my family in Israel.Though my schooling may seem more modern, I have always been more to the “right” frum wise. I come from a heimish family that values living in a modern world yet keeps to a frum home. I follow hilchos tznius and as the women in my family do, I intend to cover my hair when married.


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